"Punk-ass kids"

Films: Future Kill (1985)

Alias: None

Type: Mutant

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Some things never change when it comes to teenage recklessness, even in the future...or at least some sad vision the 80s had of the future (one of many, really). In this case, what exactly were those lunkheads thinking when they antagonized that armor-wearing mutant?!

History: In the future, a large city has been getting pestered by the "mutants", a gang of protestors trying to show the effects of toxic radiation. The only one is actually IS a mutant is Splatter, an armored brute of a cyborg. Tired of their antics, a group of rowdy college kids decided to kidnap one of the mutants to make a statement. A pity they targeted Splatter of all people.

Notable Kills: Crushes a woman by folding some metal around her.

Final Fate: While attacking those dancing in his own home, Splatter gets a pike through the gut by his fed-up girlfriend before being forced into a room specifically made for melting him away as he defiantly screams that it isn't the end. It very much is for him.

Powers/Abilities: Has Yautja-like wrist-blades.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-He may be a violent prick who revels in the suffering of others, but Splatter just looks like a second-rate T-18000. What's the name of the local Halloween shop he raided to get that costume? 'Cause we'd like to go there to.

Trivia: -Splatter was played by Edwin Neal. He was the Hitchhiker in the original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", and he would voice another homicidal robotic being in "Metroid Prime 3: Corruption".

-Yes, the film's poster was designed by THE H.R. Giger, complete with his signature. How and why he had the time to work with these guys is beyond us.

Image Gallery

H.R. Giger and punk-rock aesthetics come together at last to produce...something cool that couldn't be featured to its fullest in this film.
At least his name makes sense now.
He struck that pose before a T-800 decommissioned him.
Without context, I'd say that some women just like cheap-looking kill-bots.