"Rating 0"

Films: Forbidden World (1982)

Alias: The Metamorph

Type: Alien/Mutant

Location: Haunted home

Height/Weight: Grows to be slightly taller than the average human.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: It doesn't get any more Xeno-rip-off-y than putting your dark-skinned monster on a spaceship to kill everything it sees. But hey, this time it's a mutant, so it's different, we swear!

History: The result of a failed experiment regarding an end to world hunger, Subject 20 was made from a synthetic DNA known as Proto B. What they failed to realize was that this beast had a mind of its own, and would kill anything so that it could convert them to protein to eat. Oh, and it's got human DNA in it too...and growing at a rapid rate...

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: After achieving a more capable form, Subject 20 makes the fatal error of eating a cancer-infected liver, which causes it to die instantly.

Powers/Abilities: Extreme metamorphosis, and it is capable of injecting people with Proto B so that they become piles of bloody protein.

Weakness: Food poisoning.

Scariness Factor: 3-The effects work for this misshapen thing are a bit on the rough side. Whether its form has a cartoonish toothy smile or it actually becomes intimidating, there's always something holding it back. Interesting eating habits, though.

Trivia: -Roger Corman...didn't exactly take it well when he caught someone laughing at his movie during a screening. Aside from slapping him on the head, the poured soda on him from a balcony when the film was over.

-The roars Subject 20 makes came from a women literally jamming a microphone down her throat.

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Had we not known any better, we would say that this was the result of these guys mating.

This could have been fixed with a simple gunshot to the flab...maybe.
The smile you NEVER want to see on an alien beast.

His first moment of hugging went horribly wrong.
Terror has two sides in any given situation.

"Little help? My limbs kinda suck."
This mucus will soon become a menace! There. I said it.

The twinkies he's been devouring come back with a vengeance.