"The thing about Swamp Thing"

Films: Swamp Thing (1982), The Return of Swamp Thing (1989)

Alias: Alec Holland/Swamp Thing, Anton Arcane, the Un-Men (notably the Leech Man)

Type: Mutant/Man-Made

Location: Swamp/Haunted home

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Good (Swamp Thing), Evil (the rest)

Summary: DC comics has been host to a myriad of weird and sometimes terrifying heroes and villains. But in the time when comic book movies were still getting their act together, good films featuring them are hard to find. But at least they're entertaining.

History: In the swamps of what we can only assume are the Everglades, a dark experiment is taking place. The evil Anton Arcane is working on several biological atrocities in order to gain immortality and power, testing most of his work on hapless humans, some of which would become his army of Un-Men. But one day, a hapless scientist known as Alec Holland gets a face-full of genetically-engineered plant formula while investigating Arcane's doings before seemingly dying. But as Arcane finds out, this formula only made Alec stronger, greener, and more than a bit equipped to foil his evil plans. For Alec is now the astounding Swamp Thing!

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: The Swamp Thing has foiled Arcane twice. First, he stabbed the evil doctor with his own sword. Then he killed him again after dealing with his Un-Men. To this day, Swamp Thing may live alone, but he has the admiration of everyone he comes across.

Powers/Abilities: Swamp Thing can heal most wounds with just a touch.

Weakness: Anything conventional, though Swamp Thing's healing factor makes it a bit tricky.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-Most of these mutations are people in costumes of wavering quality. Swamp Thing looks the most normal, and is a hero on top of that. But Arcane's horrible capacity for evil and his frankly awful creations (that Leech Man was a particular stand out) make him the last person you'd want to encounter in a swamp.

Trivia: -In the original comics, Swamp Thing and Arcane are eternal enemies, and the former has teamed up with a multitude of DC heroes, such as paranormal detective John Constantine.

-This film encountered a bit of controversy when a mother complained about a cut of it that she rented being too inappropriate for her kids, in spite of the PG rating it was given. Keep in mind, the film was released before the PG-13 rating came to be.

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Not the worst early comic book movie. I mean, what can you fail when it comes to this comic?

Cue heart-warming music. Let them have their moment.

Why, girl? Because no woman wants to become a potential seedbed.

"Honey, did they retcon your appearance just now?"
In terms of bringing out the Swamp Thing's majesty, this poster was ahead of the curve.

Ridiculous expectations of a franchise!

Why couldn't this movie be just about him?

Colonoscopies. We don't like them, but we need them.

"Sucking YOUR blood?! Do I look insane to you, hero?!"

"Sword beats living twig! Ahahaaha!"

Lava Thing?

"See you in a decade or two!"