"Terror has no shape"

Films: The Blob (1988)

Alias: None

Type: Man-Made

Location: Forest/Civilized area

Height/Weight: Indescribable.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on Evil

Summary: In 1958, one of the scariest movie monsters was conceived. An unfeeling, growing, nigh-invulnerable mass bent on eating everything. Now it returns, bigger, deadlier, and scarier than ever before. This is the blob at its highest potential...

History: Instead of being a nomadic alien, this blob was a Cold War experiment gone haywire, to the point where it had to be cast into space so that it wouldn't hurt anybody. Alas, the creature came crashing back to Earth much later. And when it did, it just needed a taste of man to go exactly in the direction its creators feared.

Notable Kills: One of the earlier kills practically set the bar for the absolute worst way one could die. There's also the death by being dragged forcibly into a sink.

Final Fate: After the blob has grown positively gargantuan, it is led into a trap full of liquid nitrogen set to explode. It goes off, and the mass is reduced to frozen crystals. However, a madman still has a small living specimen, and plans to unleash it once more in the future...yeah, good luck with that. Why don't you start with an Arctic base...trust us.

Powers/Abilities: The blob can fit in any space, and grows with how much it eats. It's also deceptively intelligent.

Weakness: Extreme cold.

Scariness Factor: 5-Even if it does have an exploitable weakness, this might be one of the scariest life forms crafted by science, period. It rips you apart as it eats, it doesn't care where it is in relation to you, and it can even calculate some of your actions. All that held the 50's blob back was a lack of effects, and this is what happens when you give it some more...

Trivia: -This film takes the original premise and updates it to reflect many of society's anti-government thoughts at the time. And when your president is an AIDS-denying cad, we can't blame you.

-One of the producers for this film was Jack H. Harris, the original producer of the 50's film.

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Evil goes hand in hand with terror, as well.

The Hog? Really Guys?!

Nothing good ever comes out of meteor shit. Not ever.

Not even the title can save you now.

Do you really want us to make a joke about this?!

Lousy pose to have when you die like this.

With the fact that the 50s haven't been forgotten yet, is this any surprise?

The rotting arm of the law.

Every Conservative dream...and every sane civilization's nightmare.