"And girls. Probably should have mentioned that"

Films: The Lost Boys (1987)

Alias: Max, David, Star, Michael, Marco, Laddie, Dwayne

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Good (Michael, Star, Laddie), Evil (the rest)

Summary: So, you fell in with the wrong crowd. Well, be prepared for either a flurry of bad influence, a ticket to being one with the undead, or in this case, both.

History: Sam and Michael Emmerson are new to Santa Carla, California. They are also new to the local legends about a gang of vampires known as the Lost Boys who lure people into their ranks and turn them into blood-sucking crooks. Top of the heap is Max, whom all the other vamps are at his mercy. Poor Michael, alongside other people like Star, have been inducted into the group, and are on a fast track to becoming vampires themselves.

Notable Kills: One guy bites a man in the skull. Cue blood sprinkler.

Final Fate: The evil vampires die in all kinds of ways, most notably one getting dunked into a holy water-filled tub by a dog and Dwayne getting staked and electrocuted on a stereo. Max goes out when a fence post goes through his heart after Sam's grandpa smashes through the house with a truck. And the sequels never happened. Ever. They're just there.

Powers/Abilities: Standard vampire abilities, except shapeshifting.

Weakness: Standard vampire weaknesses, killing the head vampire de-vamps the others.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-These vampires are very much metaphors for what happens when you develop toxic friendships. While some vampires retain their humanity, it's hard not to be afraid when the bad guys put on their game face.

Trivia: -The title of the gang is actually a clever shout-out to "Peter Pan", which featured a group of non-aging youth known as the Lost Boys. The only difference is that they weren't nearly as evil or violent as these brats.

-The vampires were originally going to be much younger, barely past puberty even. But then Joel Schumacher took the reins, and demanded something more adult.

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