"Go home and be a family man...or not"

Films: The Stepfather (1987), Stepfather 2 (1989), Stepfather 3 (1992)

Alias: Henry Morrison, Jerry Blake, Gene F. Clifford, Keith Grant

Type: Natural

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: It's not easy having an identity crisis. But who are we, anyway? The sum of our accomplishments, something predestined? All we do know is that you probably shouldn't kill everyone else if one identity isn't working out for you.

History: This man has no name. He might have one at one time, but it never lasts. This man has drifted from one family to another, changing names and always taking the role of stepfather. His goal is to find the perfect family. But he's such a control freak that he never finds it. The unworthy are soon killed, and the cycle persists.

Notable Kills: Slices his own doctor's neck with a bonesaw.

Final Fate: This man holds the record for "inexplicable survival" across films. He's stabbed in the heart in the first film, struck in the chest with the sharp end of a claw hammer in the second one, and finally ripped to pieces after falling into a wood chipper. No way he's getting up from that last one. Tellingly, all of his defeats are brought upon from the kid who had to put up with his crap.

Powers/Abilities: None, except being exceptionally resilient.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4-This nomadic menace is great at putting on a mask of sanity. Then he can worm his way into a perfectly functioning family just so he can kill them all off. Hate to break it to you, ya putz, but everyone has a couple issues, so take that stupid "all-American" values crap and cast it into the wood chipper that ensured your final demise.

Trivia: -The Stepfather’s rampage is slightly based on John List, a real serial killer who assumed different identities for 18 years, thinking that if the family he chose wasn't close enough to God, he could send them all to Heaven personally. He was sentence to life in prison in 1989.

-This killer was played by Terry O' Quinn in the first two films, and Robert Wightman in the third.

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I'll tell you who you are. Destined for Hell.

He would vote for Trump, wouldn't he? All-American and all that?

All in day's soul-shattering killing.

Again? Really?

Hope you brush against poison oak.
"Love you, kill you, love you, kill you..."

Truly, the face of a sane man.

Aw, c'mon! That cake took ages to get right.

In the end, you, killer, stand alone.
Smash it all you wish. You can't change who you really are...also, seven years, man.

You think?!

End of franchise, bye! Wait...

Have fun! Your head shrine's gonna look great!

Everyone has a breaking point. He just hit his.