"All stuffed up"

Films: The Stuff (1985)

Alias: None

Type: Natural

Location: Underground/Civilized area

Height/Weight: None.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Here's an interesting blob monster. Instead of it just eating you, it lets you eat it, and then it eats you! How novel.

History: Because logic failed to exist at the time, some construction workers thought that it was a good idea to take some weird white substance they found out of the ground, and have it marketed as the new food sensation of America! Dubbed "The Stuff", it was a no-calorie rival to ice cream, and everyone loved it...only, it was kind of alive. Alive enough to possess, control, and then kill anything with a nice, juicy brain...

Notable Kills: Seeing the end of its victims is...something when their jaws start doing that. It's pictured below, do we have to say it?!

Final Fate: Even after the Stuff's weakness is found out and most of the zombies are beaten, the mission to totally eradicate it and the greedy slobs who profit off of it persists. Those brave enough to burn it into extinction have a long path ahead of them, and the Black Market is a good place to start.

Powers/Abilities: By taking over the brain after being ingested, the Stuff can control a body, and then eat it from the inside.

Weakness: Fire.

Scariness Factor: 4-You may never want to pick up a new frozen treat ever again after seeing this film. It's bad enough that snack food is your enemy now, but then the zombie part comes and it's just unbearable. At least it's easily killable.

Trivia: -Director Larry Cohen made this film as a poignant satire on how much junk food society consumes now and even back then, and how it fuels corporate greed. To him, the addiction eats us, not the other way around.

-Sometimes, the Stuff's effects were achieved by grinding up fish bones. It had the unfortunate side-effect of being completely noxious, and everyone involved with it practically dived into a river to rid themselves of the awful smell.

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I mean, do you want THIS to happen to you?!

In fact, you won't have one soon.

Take a wild guess after reading this bio and just LOOKING at all of this.

The twist ending that thankfully was never to be.

There wasn't that much brain to devour, but geez.
Papyrus, NO!

The only memorable character and THIS is his defining scene!
As North Korea does to dogs, so does the Stuff do to humans.

Even God himself couldn't resist...maybe.

When in doubt, kill it with fire.