"All there is to know about the Shapeshifting Game"

Films: The Thing (1982), The Thing (2011)

Alias: Griggs, Juliette, Edvard Wolner/Adam Finch, Sandor Halvorson, Sam Carter, George Bennings, Noris, Palmer, Windows, Blair

Type: Alien

Location: Tundra/Haunted home

Height/Weight: Depends on host and even then, it varies.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on Evil

Summary: We've seen our fair share of impersonators in these films. But try and name a copycat that not only sows seeds of mistrust everywhere, but makes everyone feel absolutely ill while doing it.

History: Somewhere at the bottom of the world, a massive spaceship has laid dormant for what can only be assumed to be millennia. Its cargo is a large frozen alien being. Naturally, the visiting humans thawed it out, and from there, it began to terrorize their base, assimilating them and driving them mad with paranoia.

Notable Kills: Every. Single. Time. It takes one's form, it ain't pretty.

Final Fate: Every time the Thing takes on a new form, it's bound to get incinerated one way or another. It was seemingly killed when it got blown up by several explosives at once.

Powers/Abilities: Can infect a body and twist it into a form of its own choosing. If given the chance, it can merge several bodies at once, and if one body is killed, a part of it can regenerate into the beast again.

Weakness: The Thing cannot stand fire, and explosives will surely kill it.

Scariness Factor: 4-We honestly cannot tell which is worse. Losing your trust in everyone because of an unseen alien super-predator, or watching said predator turn people into horrific parodies of life. Either way, expect the body horror to come flowing in like water from Niagara Falls.

Trivia: -The first film, like its predecessor from the 50s, is based on John W. Campbell Jr.'s short story, "Who Goes there?", but it follows it a lot more faithfully, right down to the shapeshifting alien.

-The effects for the prequel WERE mostly practical, but the problem was that some idiot thought it would be a good idea to drown it all in CGI because it "wasn't convincing enough". Oh yes, because the original film was totally fake looking without modern tech! Dunce.

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Sure to spawn a bunch of pretenders, is what you're saying. Kinda like the alien himself.

What came first? The abomination or the egg?

Nice doggy?

The physical embodiement of a micro-transaction.

I can tell you what this prequel won't be. A classic.

Somebody out there is silently fapping to this...possibly while crying.
You've thought that yourself when you came to this barren wasteland.

The new muppet drove audiences to hysterics...in terms of fear.

"I'm not cleaning that up. That's the janitor's job. What do you mean he's dead too?!"

Nice ride. We'll take it.

No practical effects or not, it'll always be the Thing.
Hell comes from the sky and rises from the cold.

Eat or be eaten. A creed that extends beyond Earth.

"My hands....are HUUuuuUuuUuuge!"

I know you two wanted to be 'closer', but this is taking it one step too far!
Makes you wonder what the Thing did to understand anatomy.

It's sad when this is considered a tame way to die in these movies.

Even the very ice turns against them.

Dick move, alien!

As you can see, he's now impersonating a totem pole. A very HORRIFYING totem pole

It just saw the score the film got on Rotten Tomatoes.