"Before Charlie Sheen went insane"

Films: The Wraith (1974)

Alias: Jake Kesey

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Good

Summary: When you think of a person who just got back from an alien probing, you'd think that he'd never be the same ever again. You'd be right with this guy, but nothing of the anal variety occurred...maybe...we're not ousting the possibility, but the point it that he's cool now.

History: Long ago, Jake Kesey was abducted by an unknown force from space. Years later, he returns a changed man. On a whim, he can whip out a sick suit of biker armor and a Turbo Interceptor to wipe out those who try and hurt the ones he still cares about. To the many, he's like a ghost who just comes and goes. A Wraith, if we will.

Notable Kills: His earlier killings basically just involve him intentionally letting his car get in harms way, and paying for nothing as the other guy gets consumed by fire and debris.

Final Fate: After killing all of the bad guys, especially the abusive partner of his love interest, he reveals his identity to his friends, and even gives the Turbo to one of them. He is last seen driving off with his girl on a motorbike to parts unknown.

Powers/Abilities: His Turbo Interceptor is fast, and practically invincible. He and the car also have an uncanny ability to disappear and reappear whenever they want.

Weakness: Unknown.

Scariness Factor: 3-Admitttingly, getting on this guy's bad side will result in a whole new level of vehicular manslaughter. But his heart is still in the right place, and even he admits that for all the changes that space made to him, he treasures what makes him human in the end.

Trivia: -Yes, Charlie Sheen is the Wraith. He seemed to have a knack for playing as bad boy teens in his early career. And then he just...we don't even know, but he's a joke at this point.

-At least one of the camera operators died filming one of the car chases in this film. His name was Bruce Ingram.

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Oh, he used to. And he's coming home...

Why is this guy not as popular as we'd think?
Fear the bringer of justice.

When in doubt, use both barrels...the literal meaning.
Bugs are too scared to smash against his helmet.

Hot Wheels, eat your heart out.

"Tell my future self that he can suck a big one. You're not 'winning', future me."