“Nuts and bolts battle”

Films: Robot Wars (1993)

Alias: MRAS-2, MEGA-1

Type: Man-Made

Location: Desert

Height/Weight: That of large buildings.

Affiliation: Good (MEGA-1), MRAS-2 (Evil)

Summary: This movie will tell you that it's right on the heels of "Robot Jox", but those stories are totally unrelated. All that brings them together is the aftermath of an apocalypse, big robots, and more patriotism than the fourth of July.

History: After an incident known as the Great Toxic Gas Scare of 1993, most of the world has been left in deserty ruin. The highest form of technology are the Mini-Megs, a few war machines now used mostly for public transportation. But now, the evil general of the Eastern Alliance has managed to get his hands on the kesy to MRAS-2, a Mini-Meg with more than enough arsenal to take down the west. It's up to Heroic White Dudebro Guy #23011 to stop him by reactivating a buried bot known as MEGA-1.

Notable Kills: See Final Fate.

Final Fate: MEGA-1 and MRAS-2 eventually duke it out, and it all ends when the former blasts the scorpion-bot's legs off with some emergency chest lasers. The day is saved.

Powers/Abilities: Both bots fire laser beams, with MRAS-2 firing them from its stinger.

Weakness: Heavy artillery.

Scariness Factor: 4-Both are big enough to smash your entire town to brickdust. But it all really depends on their drivers, and while MRAS-2 was stuck blasting everything because of a would-be dicator, MEGA-1 managed to get a decent controller.

Trivia: -Full Moon CEO Charles Brand was going to direct this film alongside his father, Albert, but his position prevented that.

-There are robots made now that were exclusively made to emulate scorpions, but they haven't quite nailed the look yet, and are mainly used to disable bombs and investigate hazardous areas.

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