“It's not a show anymore”

Films: Galaxy Quest (1999)

Alias: The Thermians (Mathesar, Laliari, and Quellek), Sarris, the Beryllium Miners, the Pig-Lizard, the Gorignak

Type: Alien

Location: Civilized Area/Desert

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of toddlers (Miners) to that of a small building (Gorignak).

Affiliation: Good (Thermians), Neutral (Miners, Pig, Gorignak), Evil (Sarris)

Summary: It is said that the original cast of "Star Trek" grew disillusioned with their roles for a while due to it being the only thing anyone would recognize them for. Many years later, someone made a movie all about that. It was about how something may be a disposable show to some, but a legend of inspiration to others.

History: The cephalopod-like Thermians were in trouble. The evil Sarris had just annihilated almost their entire race, and was coming for them soon. But they have recently gotten ahold of "historical documents" featuring the crew of Galaxy Quest, a brave bunch known for saving the universe many times. Only one problem...those documents are actually episodes of an old TV show, and the crew is currently a bunch of jaded washouts. But the Thermians don't know that, and gleefully take them all into space to fulfill their destiny, and perhaps rediscover themselves.

Notable Kills: See Final Fate.

Final Fate: Even after the crew fully embrace their roles as heroes, Sarris manages to kill almost all of them. But at least one guy activates the Omega 13, which has never been tested, and turns out to be a big reset button for about thirteen seconds. Soon, while Mathesar becomes captain of his kind and heads off into space, the crew manage to shoot and disintegrate Sarris before the eyes of adoring fans. Much to the crew's delight, a sequel series is made in the wake of this.

Powers/Abilities: The Thermians have access to technology perfectly capable of emulating any tech they see, as well as holographically cloak themselves to look like something else. The Gorignak is basically invincible.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3-The Thermians' true forms are a bit creepy-looking, but they are ultimately kind and almost childlike beings who hate fighting. A lot of other creatures are portrayed by finicky CGI, but Sarris is downright terrifying. Although he has a bit of a hammy performance, his sinister appearance and capacity for violence make him a rather stand-out villain even by parody standards.

Trivia: -Sarris was played by Robin Sachs, a rather renowned actor and voice actor known for playing as Ethan Rayne in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

-Many of the Star Trek actors, particularly Patrick Stewart and William Shatner, were initially hesitant to see a movie ostensibly mocking their show, but soon found that it was actually a very affectionate parody that they wasted no time singing the praises of.

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God's gonna have to search for a new TV.

"Is Sarris going to have to choke a fool?"

Our crew everyone. God help us all.
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