“Strange lizard, strange natives”

Films: Dinosaur Valley Girls (1996)

Alias: The Jurassic Punk

Type: Ancient

Location: Jungle/Desert

Height/Weight: That of a small building.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Once again, we are treated to a film that positively drools over the idea of a bunch of fur bikini cavegirls getting it on with stale-end pieces of white bread. But at least, there's the fun only-sane-man. Except it's less a man and more an oversized Jurassic predator.

History: With the help of a magical idol that somehow came into his possession, movie star Tony Markham is sent millions of years back to a time where man and dino inexplicably shared the same space. In this prehistoric world, there are many sights, such as giant lizards, Saltasauruses, Carnotauruses, pterosaurs, among other creatures. But ruling over them all is a gigantic Allosaurus. This beast is adorned with scars and is constantly mucking up the fun any of the cavegirls are trying to have. He's even got his own oddly catchy theme song!

Notable Kills: Nothing special

Final Fate: Eventually, Tony tosses makeshift grenades at the marauding Allosaurus, spooking it to no end. But when the Allosaurus has the man dead to rights...he just roars in his face and leaves, either thinking he's not worth it or that he's proven to him that the tribe isn't worth attacking. Either way, the beast continues its rather lonely existence in peace.

Powers/Abilities: None

Weakness: Anything conventional, though loud noises also drive him away.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-Sadly, an insanely cool and imposing design is wasted on some stiff animatronics and choppy stop-motion. Also, this predator seems to follow an odd sense of honor. He'll attack any prey, but it seems to be that he respects all creatures capable of defending themselves and each other, such as the carnivores and, eventually, the tribe.

Trivia: -There is some debate as to whether Allosaurus was a social animal or not. Some say they hunted in packs, while others say that they are inherently aggressive towards one another.

-One of the most well-preserved Allosaurus specimens was a juvenile known as "Big Al". Another one like it was found four years later, known as "Big Al Two". Both skeletons had a number of injuries, presumably ones that contributed to their premature deaths.

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Might as well put in the word 'Primal' while you're at it.

"Hey, how was work?"
Kinda wish this WAS a Beauty and the Beast story.

"They do WHAT in this movie?!"
Erotic stuff is temporary, but scars are forever.

A grand assertion of dominance here.

At this point, he's just toying with the human.