“Ocean pollution solution”

Films: Rebirth of Mothra 2: The Battle Under the Deep Sea (1997)

Alias: Dagarla, Dagarlah, Dagara, Dagarah

Type: Man-Made

Location: Ocean

Height/Weight: 73 meters and 17,700 metric tons.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on Evil

Summary: Once again, Mothra Leo is called upon to clean up the mess that we humans made. Any by that, we meant that he has to take on a monster we never even heard of. Perhaps a few more history lessons would have done all those oil rig companies more good. Then perhaps we wouldn't have summoned Dagahra again. Or you know, perhaps not.

History: Dagahra was created by the Nilai-Kanai people, who were an ocean-based civilization, and need the monster to feed on the pollution that was increasing with each day. Alas, Dagahra took his job too far, creating the acid-spitting starfish known as the Barem, which destroyed the Nilai-Kanai people before he went into hibernation. Now, with the pollution in the sea at a new high, Dagahra rises again to fill the seas with killer starfish.

Notable Kills: Nothing special

Final Fate: After overriding Mothra Leo with Barem, Dagahra finds himself facing the moth again when he's powered up into not only Rainbow Mothra, but Aqua Mothra as well. After Aqua disperses into a bunch of mini-Mothras to infect and weaken Dagahra, he drops the sea monster onto the risen Nilai-Kanai temple, causing them both to explode.

Powers/Abilities: Aside from producing Barem, Dagahra can fire the Irubushan Beam from both his mouth and his two natural shoulder cannons. He can also spin around and unleash the Thundering Toxic Crimson Vortex to spread Barem at a designated target.

Weakness: Beings of equal or greater power.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-Pity Dagahra. He had one job, was amazingly good at it, but no one told him how severe spreading Barem was. Those little bastards can ruin your day with how toxic they are. Dagahra himself is no slouch either, looking like a cross between an alligator and a whale.

Trivia: -In Japanese mythology, Nirai-Kanai is a fictional land said to be the birthplace of all life in the Ryukyuan Isles.

-Dagahra went though many design phases, each looking like either fish or reptiles. The final product settled on both, though at least one concept was completely bipedal.

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Hey, Aquaman! Your new god is here.

Patrick Star, as designed by someone who clearly hated his show.
Behold! Edgy Mothra before GMK!

When flying manta rays mate with reptiles.
So, is Dagahra next to that ugly Legoland prop?