“Tromavilles of Future-Past”

Films: A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell (1990)

Alias: Tromasaurus, Crocodile Mutant, Lizardmen, Biceratops, Dogosaurus, Swamp Critter, Flying Mutants, Moat Monsters, Pit Mutant

Type: Mutant

Location: Forest/Lake/Desert/Swamp/Haunted home

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of an average human (Lizardmen) to that of a submarine (Moat Monsters)

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: The future of Tromaville has always been at stake. But there is one alternate timeline where nothing could be saved by Toxie or anyone else. It is an unforgiving world now, filled with warlords and monstrosities born from the engines of our destruction. But mostly, it's now about repopulation for the remaining humans.

History: Long ago, nuclear and civil war devastated the world, particularly Tromaville. Now, mutants are all over the place, and most of the pets and livestock have become dinosaur-like creatures. Only one fertile woman remains, and everyone is trying to get a piece of her. Thankfully, most of the "dinosaurs" are after everything else.

Notable Kills: See Final Fate.

Final Fate: Most of the monsters survive their encounters with humans and each other (save the Biceratops and Critter), but in the end, both the nymphoid barbarian and her true love find peace after knocking the evil warlord into a moat where the local monsters tear him to shreds.

Powers/Abilities: None.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3-Most of the monsters here are portrayed by unconvincing props or slightly off-kilter stop motion animation. In other words, true fright is hard to come by. One possible candidate for legitimate fear is the Swamp Critter, mainly for its grotesque design and how in its element it mostly is.

Trivia: -Writer/director Brett Piper claims that he made this film after a distributer told him that a film with little to no dialogue and all action would sell great overseas. Ironically, the distributer then turned the other cheek and complained about the lack of dialogue here.

-This film was also known as "Dark Fortress".

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Nobody asked for that combination, but here we are.

The Beatles had it rough in the apocalypse.

Pterosaurs? What are those again?

"Civilization? What's that?"

The Rancor's long lost cousin.

Didn't even consider the sea scorpions were making a comeback, huh?
Repeat after us...awwww!

"I'm here for the set of Slithis!"

When a Gorgonopsid and a Smilodon love each-other really much...

Troma's attempt at a Graboid was...flawed, at best.