Films: Dinosaur Island (1994)

Alias: The Great One, Giant Deinonychus, Brontosaurus, Triceratops, Trilobite, Pteranodon, Cave Monstrosity

Type: Ancient

Location: Desert/Forest/Cave

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of a small puppy (Trilobite) to that of a small building (Brontosaurus)

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Back in the day, no one could get enough of Raquel Welch in that fur bikini way back ten thousand centuries ago. And as one might guess, someone decided to make a whole movie based around that. It wouldn't be the first time, not the last either, but we know this film for the corners it cut in terms of effects.

History: Somewhere on an uncharted island, the whole population is almost entirely women. All of them probably starved of any means to repopulate. Not that they probably needed it, mind you. They seemed to be content...oh, wait. There were also the various meat-eating prehistoric animals all around them, particularly a large Tyrannosaurus Rex known as the Great One. All of this would change when a bunch of ragtag bunch of male misfits crash onto the island.

Notable Kills: Nothing special

Final Fate: A few dinosaurs are killed and shot, including the Great One in the end. In fact, that poor SOB got his head blown off. Still, that did free the women from years of sacrificial ritual.

Powers/Abilities: None

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 2-No matter how many times these creatures snack on people in violent ways, there's hardly any changing the fact that they just look so cheap. The Great One is an egregious example, flailing around or just standing there roaring like it's no one's business. A lot of other dinosaurs have shoddy green-screen and bad stop-motion.

Trivia: -A lot of creatures here seem to have been lifted from different movies. The Great One and the Deinonychus are from "Carnosaur", and the cave beast is...the mutant from "Dark Universe"?!

-A major set piece from this film was done on David Carradine's ranch.

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I see. Dinosaurs and nubile women...trends, these days.
Nude girls or not, the Tyrannosaurus rules all.
Can we ever be free of that incident in the Everglades?

Always sun-tan your sacrifices before a feeding.
"They have spears! The gig is up!"