“Love makes you stupid”

Films: Dracula (1992)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area/Haunted home

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Out of all the adaptations of Bram Stoker's classic, none are perhaps more reviled than this one. Okay, that's a little strong, but the point is they mangled a lot of the book's plot all to serve a creepy romance between what was once one of the better characters and a mass-murdering vampire.

History: Once a stalwart knight of the church, Vlad Dracula III renounced his title upon hearing that his suicidal wife Elizabeta was condemned to Hell. Now an enemy of God, Dracula became a vampire, and lived most of his life in seclusion. But now, he's got his eyes on who he believes is his love's reincarnation. Mina Murray, that is.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: As Dracula is confronted by everyone for his crimes, Mina places it upon herself to decapitate the vampire so that he may die not as a monster, but a man. Fittingly, he dies as his younger self.

Powers/Abilities: Shapeshifting and vampiric conversion.

Weakness: Standard vampire weaknesses.

Scariness Factor: 4-Questionable fashion sense notwithstanding, Dracula is as terrifying as ever. In particular is his shapeshifting ability, which gave us a good look at what a bat-person would REALLY look like. Aside from that, all we can say is cool motive, still murder.

Trivia: -When Gary Oldman, Dracula's actor, though that he wouldn't be scary in the bat suit, director Francis Ford Coppula whispered something in everyone's ears that left them terrified. No one knows what he said to this day.

-Other potential actors for Dracula included Alec Baldwin, Jeremy Irons, Alan Rickman, and even Sting.

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Love also doesn't sweat off stuff like killing innocent people.

He and his armor was quite the look back then.
I seem to remember there being less explosions in this movie.

LOOK OUT! He's turned into Johnny Depp!
"My hairdo...is a butt!"

You know, you should use this form more often.

He died as he lived. A bloodsucking monster.