“Let it snow”

Films: Jack Frost (1997), Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Killer Mutant Snowman (2000)

Alias: Killer Snowballs

Type: Mutant

Location: Civilized Area/Haunted home

Height/Weight: That of an average...snowman.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Ohhhh...Jack Frost the snowman...was a horrible waste of spaaace...he froze us all, under murder's thrall...now there's blood all over the plaaace!

History: A while back, serial killer Jack Frost got dowsed in experimental chemicals while evading the police in the small town of Snowmonton. But as he died, his mutated cells merged with the snow, causing him to regain life through it. Taking the form of a snowman, Jack Frost is reborn to kill everyone he comes across just for kicks.

Notable Kills: Shoves an axe wood-end first through a guy's mouth, murders that guy's wife with Christmas decorations, screws a girl to death with a carrot, chomps a guy's head to shreds, drops an ice anvil on someone after running out of patience, stabs a girl with kitchen prongs, freezes a pool while a girl's still in it.

Final Fate: Jack is first dumped into anti-freeze, which liquifies him. Then he's accidentally resurrected so he can torment his old victim again, having grown a psychic link with him. Unfortunately for him, the guy has an allergy to bananas, and he gets one to the chest before exploding. And then a giant carrot lands on a Japanese ship...what?

Powers/Abilities: Jack can travel via snow, grow icicles for impaling, freeze everything, and even summon sapient baby snowballs to do the killing for him.

Weakness: Anti-freeze. After he develops an immunity, its bananas.

Scariness Factor: 3-Frost is only held back by some atrocious effects work. You can tell it's a guy in a cheap suit. But his powers are not to be trifled with, and his sick sense of humor only guarantees that you will die horribly. That said, it was interesting to see him mourn that dying snowball like that.

Trivia: -Jack's voice was provided by Scott MacDonald, who has made recurring roles in works like "Dexter" and "Star Trek: Enterprise", usually in antagonistic roles.

-Jack Frost, often believed to have Anglo-Saxton origins, is a popular character in folklore, often being described as the personification of winter, and with a playful disposition to boot.

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Jack Skellington, NO!

F these little bastards.
As made by a fan way too devoted to the film.

Well...this got dark fast.

Tenderness from Jack?! What universe is this?!
Uh, yeah. Fate was listening.

Okay, that's pretty cool. Still, imagine having your teeth freeze like that all the time.

Guess what?! SEQUEL! Because why not?!


These two have hit new lows. Let's just let that out.