“It's an android, but for a MAN”

Films: Mandroid (1993)

Alias: None

Type: Man-Made

Location: Civilized Area/Haunted home

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Don't you just hate it when cool machines fall into the wrong hands? We certainly do, especially when they look this cool.

History: After the fall of the Soviet Union, a Russian scientist creates the Mandroid, the next logical step in law enforcement. He controls it via virtual reality wear. But now, it has fallen into the care of his evil assistant, Dr. Drago, who wanted to use the Mandroid for military gain. Soon, the robot is on a killing spree, and few can stop it.

Notable Kills: Nothing special

Final Fate: Before Drago is killed off by a collapsing building (or was he?), the Mandroid is taken out by an American scientist. Because of course.

Powers/Abilities: Enhanced physical strength.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-The only thing holding this imposing machine back is its rather stiff movement. Aside from that, this thing looks like a bot that wouldn't be out of place in a post-apocalyptic horror show. It’s the helmet that does it for us.

Trivia: -A sequel of sorts was released, called "Invisible: The Chronicles of Benjamin Knight", all about a side character who got turned invisible by some kind of mutagen in the film.

-This film was originally titled "Mindmaster".

Image Gallery

It was like the flick of a switch.

Virtual reality, when it actually works.

What if the gun is also remote controlled? Bullets by thought!
And then, a bird plops a big one on his shoulder.

No more chores in the future.