“Kaiju movies is an anime now”

Films: Rebirth of Mothra (1996), Rebirth of Mothra 2: The Battle Under the Deep Sea (1997), Rebirth of Mothra 3: Invasion of King Ghidorah (1998)

Alias: Excelled Mothra, Yoroi Mothra, Rainbow Mothra, Aqua Mothra, Light Speed Mothra, Armor Mothra, Eternal Mothra

Type: Mystical

Location: Forest/Ocean

Height/Weight: 24 meters and 5,900 metric tons.

Affiliation: Good

Summary: Mothra has a bad habit of dying in almost every film she's in. Sooner or later, she's not going to be around anymore. Well now someone is taking up the slack. And it just so happens to be her son.

History: Mothra Leo hatched quicker than expected, mainly because his mom was taking a sound thrashing from the evil Desghidorah. Leo tried to save her, but it proved worthless, and Mothra expired. Determined to avenge her, Leo quickly cocooned and became his powerful Imago form. From there, he was set to protect the world from all sorts of horrors, including the fallen sea guardian Dagahra and the absolutely abominable Grand King Ghidorah.

Notable Kills: See how his rivals meet their ends.

Final Fate: Leo manages to defeat every foe, but it's Grand King Ghidorah who pushes him to the limit. Even after time travel, the Golden Demise manages to live, and Leo has to cocoon for millions of years before emerging as Armor Mothra and killing Ghidorah. Afterwards, he sheds into Eternal Mothra, and continues to protect the world.

Powers/Abilities: As a larva, Leo can fire electric web and fire a chest beam. As Imago, he can fire Crossheat Lasers from his forehead, create the electrical Excel Shining Field, shoot the Mega Breast Cannon, dissipate into thousands of mini Mothras to rapid fire at something, use Sparkling Pileload to fire electricity from his wings, use the Shine Strike Buster to rain down raw energy, and use Pulsaphonic Shower to rapidly grow plants. As Rainbow Mothra, he can reflect projectiles and fire a chest beam alongside his old powers. As Aqua Mothra, he can fire an x-shaped energy blast, dissipate into smaller Mothras for tactical offense, fire the Crescent Dash Beam from his antennae, and summon a tractor beam. As Light Speed Mothra, he can travel through time. As Armor Mothra, he can resist most attacks and cut through anything with his wings. In that mode, he has acess to the Trascending Fade, which is a dash-move that might as well end a battle before it begins.

Weakness: Beings of equal or greater power.

Scariness Factor: 2-Mothra Leo is insanely powerful, especially with the increasingly absurd forms he takes to get a leg up over his enemies. But he's a friend to humanity through and through, and would never harm anything or anyone with good in their hearts. Evil beings, on the other hand, he will obliterate.

Trivia: -This is the smallest Mothra to date, coming in at almost a tie with the Mothra from "GMK".

-The concept of Mothra dying and his son taking her place was the basis for a previous unmade film, "Mothra vs. Bagan", in which Mothra dies at the end after she and her son beat the infamously unused Toho kaiju, Bagan.

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Mothra's back to get replaced by her son...huzzah?

Hey, Aquaman! Your new god is here.

The King of Terror returns once again to take his throne!

Further proof you can take Mothra and make him/her awesome.
May the world shine with your light once more!

Behold! Edgy Mothra before GMK!

An armoured hero vs a golden demise.

"Surely, this insect won't have more strength than me, right?"
Leo: The Punching Bag Days


Like the franchise, well, this is it.

Eternal FAB!
No kill like overkill for him.

"No way can this end badly for I!"

So, is Dagahra next to that ugly Legoland prop?

He's like a raiiinbow!

"Cast me as crap CGI again..."

Good luck with the possible time paradox!

Age has not been kind to...wait, what do you mean there was a prehistoric Mothra this whole time?!