“The luxary death cruise awaits”

Films: Deep Rising (1998)

Alias: None

Type: Unknown, possibly Ancient

Location: Ocean/Haunted home

Height/Weight: Indescribable, but most likely that of a large ship.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: How many people aren't aware of old sea monster stories? The ones where entire ships are dragged down to the abyss are the particularly nasty ones, and they were numerous. Now for a modern telling of that kind of story. And it is twice as horrific.

History: This is a tale of a luxury cruise liner, and the three things that made it a nightmare at sea. One is a group of mercenaries who came to rob it of its money, another is the few survivors of what went down, and the other is a gigantic carnivorous many-mouthed cephalopod known as Octalus, who killed off all the guests and is now patrolling the rest of the ship for the tasty visitors.

Notable Kills: One person is freed from one of Octalus' mouths...as a partially digested shambling wreck near death. He doesn't last long. Also, there was the infamous death by bathroom near the beginning.

Final Fate: After Octalus is left blind in one eye via shotgun, it violently tries to kill the escaping survivors. But then a ship on a collision course with the cruiser smashes into it, and blows the whole place up with the monstrous creature in it. However, it is later confirmed that Octalus isn't the only monster in this world...

Powers/Abilities: Octalus has many, MANY tentacles that act as mouths, and perhaps have their own cognitive level of intelligence.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4-There is some odd CGI on this creature, but don't let that fool you. Octalus is one of the most frightening sea monsters ever conceived, putting the Kraken and every single merfolk to shame. Even before one realizes what its head looks like, there are still hundreds of tentacles with rows upon rows of teeth on an eldritch pair of jaws. Oh, and those tentacles sometimes appear to be LAUGHING at you. Needless to say, whoever designed Octalus wanted us to never go near cruise ships again.

Trivia: -The fact that Octalus' tentacles have their own intellect might actually be a clever nod to actual octopus anatomy. For the octopus's tentacles contain a good fraction of its neurons, and can taste and move without any input from the brain.

-Octalus is speculated to be an evolved version of the Ottoia, a burrowing species of worm that swallows its prey and got its start in the Cambrian period.

Image Gallery

Screams are the only things left aside from gore when it comes.

Are you really abandoning those munchkins to their fates?!

No reason why this is here. Just maybe to show you what awaits those who cross it...
The only warning the ship ever got.

Kind of a mouthful for a fake monster.

We all know what that mouth looks like. Stop laughing...and start screaming for mercy.
This isn't your average serpent of the sea. Rather, check the Kraken's usual M.O.

This was probably the worst moment for Octalus to get inquisitive.

Sir, you're avoiding a fiery death. Look enthused!

The very seas themselves bow down to the beast!

Being reduced to PS1 graphics is a pretty awful way to go.