“Lost people, lost scripts”

Films: Lost in Space (1999)

Alias: The Robot, Alien Spiders, Spider-Smith

Type: Man-made (Robot), Alien (the Spiders)

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of a small dog to twice that of an average human.

Affiliation: Good (Robot), Evil (the rest)

Summary: The old sci-fi shows have been getting plenty of movie revivals, particularly in the case of Star Trek and such. But what about "Lost in Space"? Well, let's just say that that intergalactic family drama probably should have been given to more capable hands.

History: Those familiar with the show will probably know how it begins. A family on a spaceship gets their planned trip sabotaged, and they end up...well...lost in space. On top of that, they have the treacherous Dr. Smith on board, as well as a temporarily homicidal robot, and an army of alien spiders that appear victorious in the distant future. Oh yes, time travel is a thing here.

Notable Kills: Spider-Smith took out almost the entire family in the future.

Final Fate: A future version of Dr. Smith, corrupted into a grotesque form by a wound from the spiders, threatens to fill the worlds with his kind before getting his egg sac ruptured, resulting in the other spiders maiming him before he's kicked through a hole. The robot also undergoes a few upgrades after being ravaged by the spiders.

Powers/Abilities: Anyone wounded by the spiders runs the risk of becoming just like them. The robot also has electrical blasters, among other gizmos.

Weakness: Anything conventional, Also, the spiders will always go after the most wounded individual like a school of piranha.

Scariness Factor: 2-The robot is pretty intimidating...until it comes to the good guys' side (though it adheres to the classic version). The rest are portrayed by horribly unconvincing CGI, as well as being...kind of idiots. How exactly were you planning on spreading the spiders, Spider-Smith?

Trivia: -Dr. Zachary Smith, no matter what version of the series, was always notorious for being a on-and-off traitor often having to fall back on the rest of the Robinsons when things get hairy. Recently, the identity of Smith went to actress Parker Posey in the 2018 revival.

-The robot has mostly been used as a foil to Smith, being almost completely loyal to the aliens, as well as getting on the doctor's nerves. In the 2018 revival, he is given a more alien origin, as well as looking like a Geth from the "Mass Effect" series. In fact, Mass Effect was cribbed a bunch for that series.

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