“Out of this world Westerns”

Films: Oblivion (1994), Oblivion 2: Backlash (1996)

Alias: Mr. Gaunt, Red Eye, Scorps, Mong-ding, Jaggar, Sweeney, the Derconium turtle

Type: Alien

Location: Civilized Area/Desert

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of a bullfrog to that of a mountain.

Affiliation: Good (Gaunt, Sweeney), Neutral (the wildlife), Evil (Red Eye and Jaggar)

Summary: "Cowboys and Aliens" wasn't the first time someone tried, and failed, to successfully combine the high-stakes wild west story with the wonderous science-fiction one. The folks at Full Moon had us covered way before that. Twice, no less.

History: Welcome to the not so quiet town of Oblivion. Where the mortician named Gaunt can foresee death, the outlaw Red Eye holds a vice grip on the public, and the outlands are rife with apex predators and riches. Needless to say, we might need some heroes around here.

Notable Kills: See Final Fate

Final Fate: Red Eye is torn apart by Scorps after Gaunt pushes him off an edge, and his "smarter" brother Jaggar is chased off by a monstrous turtle guarding one of the most valuable metals in the galaxy. Either way, Oblivion stands proud.

Powers/Abilities: Gaunt possesses an uncanny ability to see the future demises of all.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-Red Eye and his brother are horrible villains, and the most convincing threats at that. Everyone else is either a good guy, even the rather imposing Gaunt, or an average effect that manages to be just above mediocre.

Trivia: -Red Eye and his brother were played by Andrew Divoff, who would play as the Djinn in the first two "Wishmaster" movies.

-Mr. Gaunt was played by Carel Struycken, who's incredibly creepy and tall frame allowed him to win roles such as the Giant from "Twin Peaks" and Lurch in the "Adams Family" movies.

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Something about that tagline is accurate, yet horribly racist.

Well, the wicked tend to attract each-other quite well.
Even a simple arm-wrestling match can be deadly in the future.

The only backlash is from people who spent money on this.

"WHAT did you say about my horns?! All of us have them, you insensitive fool!"

"We don't look silly in these, right?"

Yertle the turtle is back for revenge!
It's like Gonzo cheated on his chicken with a scorpion.

Actual redeye on display.

Bad economy. Have you seen the town this franchise frequents?!