“Why you're afraid of snakes”

Films: King Cobra (1999)

Alias: None

Type: Man-Made

Location: Forest

Height/Weight: Twice of a boa constrictor.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Here's an idea that absolutely no one in the real world would consider a good idea. Combining two of the deadliest serpents together, making it perpetually angry, and letting it be capable of rising taller than a grown man. If that sounds like the worst thing ever, you aren't any of the people who gave rise to Seth.

History: The product of a reckless splicing between an Asian (oh sorry, African) king cobra and an American diamondback rattlesnake, Seth was designed to be as aggressive as possible. But after his reckless creator got the whole lab blown up, he escaped into the forests of Filmore, California. Initially only big enough to take out the local wildlife, Seth grew up to have a craving for humans...

Notable Kills: Nothing special

Final Fate: Seth is eventually lured into an enclosed casing filled with ostensibly lethal gasses. But it turns out, that was sleeping gas, and the snake's waking up...

Powers/Abilities: Extreme venom.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4-Seth is only held back by how stiff his prop can be. Aside from that, this beast is impossibly stealthy, and is prepared to inject you with the worst venom imaginable before eating you. If you hear a velociraptor roar (yes, really) and the shaking of a rattle, run.

Trivia: -This film was meant to beat "Anaconda" to the scene, but production issues prevented that.

-Seth can either refer to the third son of Adam and Eve, or a chaotic God of evil from Egyptian mythology.

Image Gallery

Ending in a rather disfigured mouth. You had one job, poster.

Swallow whole? Thankfully not. Just skin-searing venom.

He already knows the 'dissapointed spouse' look. Just not like this.
The last thing both Mickey Mouse and Chuck E' Cheese saw.

Have fun with those glasses melting into your skull when the venom hits!