“Enlightenment down under”

Films: Warriors of Virtue (1997)

Alias: Yun, Yee, Lai, Chi, Tsung, Komodo, Mudlap, Willy Beast, Mosely

Type: Mystical

Location: Forest/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Good (the Warriors, everyone else), Evil (Komodo)

Summary: We don't tackle kids movies that often here. But when we do, we treat them as if we were looking at any other film. In other words, they are going to get the same flak (and praise) we give to others. In this case, it's mostly flak.

History: Somewhere in a faraway land, there is the magical world of Tao. Guarding this mystic place are the Warriors of Virtue, each representing a positive aspect and element of the world (fire, water, metal, wood, and earth). They are opposed to Komodo, an evil overlord who betrayed them in the pursuit of eternal youth. The water warrior, Yun, also got kicked out after being framed for accidental murder. Now, a young boy has accidentally gotten his hands on a manuscript that could change the course of Tao's future, and everyone's clamoring to assist him for differing reasons.

Notable Kills: Nothing special

Final Fate: Though a combination of the manuscript and the boy’s timely distraction, the warriors are able to purify Komodo and transform him into a kindly man. The boy manages to escape as well, his experience having molded him into a more confident person.

Powers/Abilities: Komodo has an endless array of magical spells, including telekinesis and body replication. All of Tao's inhabitants are skilled martial artists.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 2-While the kangaroo people can be a little creepy at times, they are ultimately on the side of good, and are quite nice. Komodo on the other hand, while powerful and ruthless, is an absolute riot, and might be one of the hammiest villains we've ever come across.

Trivia: -Some VERY familiar-looking kangaroo men appeared earlier in 1995's film adaptation of "Tank Girl". There, they were a gang of rejected super soldiers known as the Rippers, though they ended up being pretty alright (albeit horrible rappers).

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