“They're just crawling to meet you”

Films: Meet the Applegates

Alias: Richard "Dick" Peter, Jane, Johnny Richard, Sally, Aunt Bea Cocorada

Type: Natural

Location: JungleCivilized Area

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Good (Applegates), Evil (Aunt Bea)

Summary: There will never be anything more insufferable than the old idea that every family needs to be a nuclear family. It reeks of that archaic suburbia mindset, and the sad thing is that it's so simple. Simple enough for a bunch of insectoid ambassadors, at least...

History: Living in the jungles of the Amazon, this family of giant mantises known as Brazilian Cocorada took on the form of a family they assaulted, and read up on family values so that they could infiltrate a calm suburb in Ohio. Their goal is to have the father, Dick, work at a power plant, and cause an explosion so massive that it will kill all humans and leave insects as the dominant species. But as time goes on, the so-called family values begin to fall apart as each of the Applegates succumb to all sorts of misfortunes and temptations.

Notable Kills: See Final Fate.

Final Fate: After everything starts falling apart, Dick begins to question the mission, even when the maniacal Aunt Bea is sent to set them straight. So after making nice with the humans, Dick has Bea squished at the power plant with a generator, and the Applegates decide instead to move back home and start more positive relations with humans. Despite everything, they are starting to be loved.

Powers/Abilities: Can shapeshift into any form they please, and encase anything in cocoons for later.

Weakness: Anything conventional. Also, high amounts of stress and/or self-harm will cause them to revert back to their true forms.

Scariness Factor: 3-Even if the costumes are a little cheap, anyone afraid of big bugs had better stay away, especially when they undergo their terrifying metamorphosis. That said, the Applegates at least were nice enough to change their minds about killing us all, and can be quite amicable. Also, we pity Sally immensely for what she went through. Go get 'em, you lesbian arthropod, you!

Trivia: -An alternative ending has Bea somehow surviving getting all her innards becoming her outards after being squished.

-One particular mantis known for its deception is the orchid mantis, which looks like a beautiful white flower from a distance until an insect gets too close.

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Wait until the cicades show up. Their cover will be blown!

The infection has begun...still a comedy, right?
Suburbia and giant insects? Too perfect...if this was the 50s.

Family fun!

Insects are human? Well, they certainly outnumber us.

"Like my pythons?"
Speaking of the human race, this is probably gonna be us.

For a film nobody remembers, this is quite progressive.