“Evil in the Breeze”

Films: Demon Wind (1990)

Alias: Various, notably Cory, Harriet and the Grand Demon

Type: Mystical

Location: Haunted home/Forest

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Good (Cory), Evil (the rest)

Summary: The legacy of evil is not to be trifled with. There are countermeasures for it, and you can avoid it, but it always is waiting. Wanting you to take that wrong turn to oblivion.

History: More than half a century ago, demons raided a small farm and killed everyone. Now, the grandson of the unfortunate family there, Cory, has come to the place to figure out what exactly went down. He and his friends are soon entrapped by a mysterious fog that forces them to barricade themselves in the farm, where the now present demons have a hard time getting in. The Demon Wind is here, and its master, the Grand Demon, cannot wait for long.

Notable Kills: Nothing special

Final Fate: After Cory taps into some new demonic powers, he buys his surviving friend enough time to banish the Grand Demon back to Hell with a special book. Soon, the two are going around banishing demons all across the land, though it's clear that finding them won't be easy...

Powers/Abilities: Possession, manipulation of reality, and in the Grand Demon's case, laser beams and blasts!

Weakness: A special book filled with incantations that includes how to banish demons. Also, sacred daggers.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-Most of the demons just look like corpses that have spent a good time rotting away and bloodily. Even the Grand Demon looks like he's barely pulling himself together. Still, making him basically a zombie Emperor Palpatine was an interesting decision.

Trivia: -The Grand Demon was played by C.D.J. Koko, who also starred in...nothing else.

-If you couldn't guess already, this film is a blatant mishmash of "The Fog" and "Evil Dead".

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All that was left after...
He's made because his fingers got busted by the window.

The ultimate fusion of demon and hamburger!

Two Face, but totally wrecked.

This Amish Country sucks!

Sir, have you forgotten how humans make out?