“A new breed of hero”

Films: The Guyver (1991), The Guyver: Dark Hero (1994)

Alias: Sean Baker/Guyver, the Zoanoids (Fulton Balcus/Zoalord, Tetsu, Segawa, Lisker, M.C. Striker, Ramsey, Weber, East, Max Reed, Arlen Crane, Gus Volker, Marcus Edwards, Monk, Brandi Harris, Corbin, Stezoanoid, Guyver Zoanoid)

Type: Alien/Mutant

Location: Civilized Area/Haunted home/Forest

Height/Weight: That of average humans (usually).

Affiliation: Good (Guyver, Segawa, Marcus), Evil (the rest)

Summary: There are many heroes in the world of Japanese manga. Some are the altruistic greats that we strive to be like. Others have it a bit harder, and must go to drastic measures to ensure evil does not prevail. The Guyver is one of those heroes. And the films based off this alien armor didn't stray too far from this.

History: Long ago, our precursors gave us the ability to become Zoanoids, or monstrous super soldiers. Unfortunately, the strongest Zoanoid, known as the Zoalord, is bent on world domination, and has created the Chronos Corporation under the alias of Fulton Balcus. However, Balcus has recently lost possession of the Unit, an alien techno-organic armor that has now fallen into the hands of school slacker Sean Baker. With the armor, Sean ends up becoming the super warrior known as the Guyver, which compels him to violently destroy all evil, including Chronos and all the evil Zoanoids.

Notable Kills: The ways that Guyver takes out the Zoanoids in the second film are...not pretty, to say the least. Expect the arm-blades to come out A LOT.

Final Fate: Guyver manages to kill just about every Zoanoid he encounters, even if there is some hiccups along the way. The two main antagonists, the Zoalord and Crane, are taken out by Guyver's Mega Smasher cannon. And after all is said and done, Sean may be emotionally exhausted by the constant bloodshed, but he always has his friends by his side.

Powers/Abilities: The Guyver armor comes with twin arm blades, a Mega Smasher chest cannon for emergencies, near-invulnerability, and ability to have access with alien technology. All Zoanoids can take on human form at will.

Weakness: If the Guyver's core is violently removed, then the hero is vulnerable. Also, heavy artillery and the Guyver are the only things that can stop the Zoanoids, though conventional weapons can work at times.

Scariness Factor: 4-The Guyver himself is a rather imposing guy that, in spite of his heroic will, tends to finish off his foes in ways that make us squeamish, especially in the second outing. The Zoanoids themselves are a bunch of diverse yet unsettling beasts that come in all shades of ugly. That said, there are some that are laughably evil and those who are actually good guys, so it evens out.

Trivia: -Part of the reason the first film wasn't nearly as violent as the second was due to executive meddling. While the second film's budget was smaller, it ensured that they could be more faithful to the source material. We love it for it.

-The Guyver's actor, David Hayter, has told us that while the plans for a third film have been in flux, he has not ruled out the possibility of a reboot.

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Now, it's Luke Skywalker wearing the evil-looking armor!

Remember, man. You're donking a bird.

NOW, you're talking!

"Emmisarry of Hell-no, wait. Wrong series."

Megalon's successor left a lot to be desired.
A most colorful cast of murderers and cutthroats!

We can safely say Jar Jar had an ancestor. Scream all you want.

Ultimate due to how good-looking he is!

Still a better cameo for the Rhino than Amazing Spiderman 2.

Mutations are so fun, aren't they?!

"When I take over the world, I'm annihilating all the bats! They made my cave filthy!"
Wait for the sequel. THEN you can be cool.

"I am the most powerful mutant! A combination of reptile and goat!"

A good Zoanoid. Give him a hug now.

Somewhere, Apple is looking for ways to mass-produce the suit like he did.