“Pressing the matter”

Films: The Mangler (1995), The Mangler Reborn (2005)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Haunted home

Height/Weight: That of a large car.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Remember the demonically-possessed lamp from that one Amityville movie? Well, imagine something even more wacky, in the form of a possessed LAUNDRY MACHINE! Then again, this one can actually shed blood. Lots of it...

History: A seemingly normal laundry press, the Mangler is in fact the vessel for a bloodthirsty demon that promises anyone wealth and power in exchange for the lives of their sixteen-year old daughters. Though it doesn't mind the occasional extra snack every once in a while. Its current owner, the creepy and half-robotic Bill Gartley, is planning just that for his own daughter...

Notable Kills: It's a killer laundry press. Everything gets crushed and folded graphically.

Final Fate: After a botched exorcism, the Mangler manages to get stronger, and pursues its victims (yes, pursues) until the next day, where it's back in its place under new management. At some point in the future, it got bought out and modified by a repairman, who was forced to give it sacrifices in order to keep his life. In the end, he's still tending to it.

Powers/Abilities: Can become mobile if given enough power.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4-Yes, we know that there's an unending absurdity to the idea of a murderous machine you'd find at an old laundromat. But when the Mangler kills, it is a horrific sight. It doesn't help that this thing can pick up disciples like nobody's business.

Trivia: -Yes, we know that there was a "Mangler 2", but that was completely unrelated, instead being about a computer virus with the same name, and a horrifically dated script.

-The idea of a killer laundry press may sound funny to you, but keep in mind that these things have caused some quite nasty amputations in the past, mainly due to poor quality control and work ethic.

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The gears are grinding, the bones are breaking...

Sorry. Not into that.

Surely, nothing can go wrong here.

Pinhead is getting a few ideas now.

Finally, back to the old roots...sorta.
Feeding this glutton, that's what.

Oh, wait.

Always clean up your computer!

How did the neighbors not notice you bring THAT into the house?!
Just blow the thing up. It ain't worth it.

"Insane? What made you guess that?"

Let me guess. Your soul?

"You're not my dad, human!"

The digital age was a great one for villains everywhere.