“Seething is believing”

Films: Urban Legend (1998), Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000), Urban Legends: Bloody Mary (2005)

Alias: Brenda Bates, Professor Solomon, Mary "Bloody Mary" Banner

Type: Natural (Brenda, Solomon), Mystical (Mary)

Location: Civilized Area/Haunted home

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Neutral (Mary), Evil (the rest)

Summary: Never underestimate the power of urban legends. They're called that for a reason. A small group of people either in awe or terror at something that could affect them in one way or another. And most of the time, it's all about killers.

History: At least two out of three of these killers made their Schick about reenacting famous urban legends. The first one, a grieving would-be fiancé named Brenda Bates, the next one, a rejected film student turned professor named Solomon, and the final, a legitimate angry spirit named Mary Banner who survived attempted rape only to be locked in a trunk and become the legendary Bloody Mary soon afterward.

Notable Kills: Brenda takes ques from the "coke and pop rocks" legend, and fills a man's mouth with both soda and deadly bathroom chemicals. Mary tops that by burning a guy with a sunbed, makes spiders erupt from a girl's cheek, electrocutes a guy when he whizzes on the electric fence, and murders another with a broken bottle.

Final Fate: Brenda is revealed to have survived and perhaps succeeded in killing her victims, and is now working at a mental ward, where she eventually meets Solomon, who got committed after a gunshot to the abdomen (potential villain team-up?). As for Mary, she achieves her vengeance by dragging the one who locked her up in a newly-made grave for her to rest in.

Powers/Abilities: Mary can manipulate reality, and briefly revert to her old beautiful self.

Weakness: Anything conventional for the first two. Mary will also rest when her vengeance is complete.

Scariness Factor: 4-Urban legends mean you have to be creative with your kills, and these folks know exactly how to do that. Mary might be the most sympathetic of the three, but she's also the most powerful and frightening to look at.

Trivia: -The earliest form of urban legends came in "urban belief tales", and most are used as a basis for socio-psychological beliefs and outlooks on life. The internet of course has made it easier to both propagate and debunk these legends.

-Brenda was played by Rebecca Gayheart, who many people remember for striking a boy with her car in 2001, and all the controversy that followed.

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Murphy's Law is not an urban legend!

What are you talking about? This killer just started!
A lonely night in the pounding rain...you're as good as dead.

Pure terror. There. We said it. That particular urban legend always gets me.

Seven years of bad luck for everyone here. Even for the killer.

I...really don't want to know what he's doing here.

"See that air? That should tell you that I should have dressed for the weather. Also, the murder."

Because the supernatural doesn't stay down for long.

To let them kiss or not to kiss...

"Well, here I go killing again! See you for the cameo in the sequel!"

"Try to act more vocally. I can't see in this thing."

Skeletor's long lost daughter?