“The Metal Animalistic”

Films: Death Machine (1994)

Alias: Frontline Morale Destroyer

Type: Man-Made

Location: Haunted home

Height/Weight: Twice that of an average human.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: We've seen a lot of machines across the years. Intelligent machines, giant machines, cyborg machines, the works. But now we come across a machine that can barely be called an artificial intelligence. It's more like artificial savagery...

History: Jack Dante is the last person you'd trust with even a scalpel, but for some reason he was the brains of CHAANK, a mega corp specializing in advancements in robotics. Of course, most of their test subjects are driven to madness, and the cyborgs they've created mostly go out on the rampage. But Jack doesn't care. He just wants to make increasingly dangerous bots while stalking the women who work for him. But now he's really done it. He's created a machine known as the Warbeast, a juggernaut of a monster that can sense the fear in anyone. And now Jack's let it loose on everyone who's wizened up to his insanity. Which is pretty much everyone in the facility.

Notable Kills: Falls many feet from a building and straight onto an unhinged police officer. "Holy Donuts!".

Final Fate: The Warbeast takes lots and lots of abuse, but barely receives a scratch. The most it suffers is a lost hand. But in the end, the CEO that Jack's been trying to rape manages to lock him in one of the vaults...along with the Warbeast...

Powers/Abilities: The Warbeast has a ridiculous amount of durability, and can track people down based on how much fear there is in them.

Weakness: Heavy artillery...maybe. There is a remote control to turn it off.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-Giant gnashing sharp teeth. Razor talons for ripping you to shreds. A near-indestructible frame. And a complete desire to see everything dead. The Warbeast was called a Morale Destroyer for good reason. It has all the makings of a robot made by a psychopath. Especially one played by Brad Dourif.

Trivia: -This film was the directorial debut of Stephen Norrington, who was a special effects artist for films such as "Lifeforce" and "Hardware". Needless to say, his talents carry onto here.

-This film was notoriously banned in several countries, particularly due to Dourif's absolutely unscrupulous and rape-happy character. Of course, other censored scenes included the elevator sequence and a small usage of drugs in another.

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That humanoid hand? Nothing more than a prototype.

Let havoc cleanse the building!

You sure there isn't a wild animal brain powering that thing?
A movie designed for this art style.

One wrong button press and....