“Space Jam-med up”

Films: Can of Worms (1999)

Alias: Barnabus the dog, The Born, the Loafer, the Jarm, Lula, the alien cop, the Thoad, alien specimens

Type: Alien

Location: Civilized Area/Cave

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of a housecat (the Born) to that of an average human (the Thoad).

Affiliation: Good (most of them), Evil (the Thoad)

Summary: This film....hm.......hmmmmm......it's weird, and it kind of hurt to watch. Disney, how many drugs did you take before this again?

History: A kid, disillusioned with his humdrum life, comes to believe in a defiant stupor that he's actually an alien stuck on Earth, and yells at the galaxy to take him just as a lightning strike destroys a satellite. However, it turns out that a non-profit alien organization has heard him, and believe his claims to be true. One alien, a dog with a translator named Barnabus, just wants the best for him. Another, the Born, wants to be his lawyer and sue the world for it. Yet another, the Loafer, wants to take him to the stars and interview him about his life. More aliens come for this unwitting celebrity until an evil alien, the Thoad, comes to kidnap him as the perfect specimen.

Notable Kills: None

Final Fate: The kid and his friends eventually defeat the Thoad by having him arrested. Barnabus informs the kid that the aliens now understand the accidental message, and are going to keep Earth safe as they have.

Powers/Abilities: The Thoad can shapeshift.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-A lot of these aliens, as benevolent and fake-looking as they may be, are FREAKY! The uncanny valley is in full effect, especially with the Loafer. That gigantic smile...brrrr...Aw well, at least we got an alien dog voiced by Malcom McDowell out of the deal.

Trivia: -One of the aliens was voiced by Tara Strong, one of animation's most versatile and talented voice-actresses.

-More than four re-writes were required for this film's script. A lot of good that did...

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Haven't we've seen him in several drug PSAs? Looks like the type for that.
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