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Films: Winterbeast (1992)

Alias: Giant Tree demon, Demon Chest-burster, Owl-ape Demon, Bulbous-head Demon, Blue Ghoul, Tentacle Demon, Winterbeast, Living Totem-pole, Lizard Demon, Condor Demon

Type: Mystical

Location: Forest

Height/Weight: From that of an average human to bigger than a house.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: The film outright advertises itself as having to be seen to be believed. And they're not wrong. Winterbeast is something else entirely. Out of all the horrendously awful films we found, this one has proven to be rather engaging. Now if only it were a finished product...

History: Long ago in the forests of Lake Sunapee, NH, the Native Americans tried and failed to control the many evil spirits and demons that inhabited the place. All they could do is keep the worst ones back. And for centuries it remained that way. But a certain family bloodline wanted to try and succeed where they failed. As you can plainly see with their recent nut on the tree, the downright insane Dave Sheldon, they weren't very successful.

Notable Kills: Nothing special

Final Fate: It's uncertain, but the two lead investigators are confronted by what we assume is the Winterbeast for a while before one of them shoots a skull-shaped talisman with a flare gun, causing the beast to burn up from the inside and die. Presumably, this act banished the other demons as well. As for Sheldon, his head randomly melted after his plan was revealed. This is a weird movie.

Powers/Abilities: Most rely on size and/or strength, though the Owl-Ape can burrow underground while the Winterbeast can extend its jaw like a nastier Xenomorph.

Weakness: Supposedly, if that random talisman is destroyed, the creatures cease to be.

Scariness Factor: 4-While there is some cheapness to be seen, no one can deny that these stop-motion/live-action demons are pretty creative and cool, particularly the rabid-looking Condor Demon and imposing Winterbeast. Most of them are also big enough to cut a man down in seconds.

Trivia: -This film is indeed an unfinished product. It's literally bits and pieces of a film flimsily stitched back together to make a slightly coherent narrative. Will this film ever be complete? The world may never know.

-One of New Hampshire's native tribes, the Abenaki tribe, has the Gici Awas as a demon of folklore. This creature is described as a giant hairless bear with a taste for humans.

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