“CGI don't know anymore”

Films: Yonggary (1999)

Alias: Cyker, Cycor

Type: Ancient (Yonggary), Alien (Cykor)

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: About 152 meters and 100 metric tons (Yonggary), Cykor is about half that size.

Affiliation: Good (Yonggary), Evil (Cykor)

Summary: South Korea was really itching to show off how far their filmmaking ways had come since all of those years. Unfortunately, their efforts in 1999 would not only see next to no distribution, but also be heavily edited later and still look...a little crap even by earlier standards. A shame this had to be inflicted on their own flagship kaiju.

History: Unlike the dormant Yongary from many decades ago, Yonggary (yes, the spelling is different) was already a bunch of bones by the time we unearthed him. But a bunch of would-be conquering aliens decided to resurrect the beast with their technology, and control it so that it may destroy us. But after a long night of rampaging, Yonggary was broken free of the aliens' control, and proved to actually be quite benevolent. The aliens then sent their own monster, Cykor, to finish him off.

Notable Kills: See Final Fate.

Final Fate: The battle isn't easy, but Yonggary manages to blast off Cykor's head, and incinerate his entire body after doing so. But alas, Yonggary is rather exhausted from his fight, and allows a bunch of helicopters to carry him to an island where he can live in peace.

Powers/Abilities: Yonggary can fire streams of fire, as well as fireballs. Cykor can grow tendrils wherever his body parts are taken off, fire electricity from his three-pronged tail, and breath fire.

Weakness: Beings of equal or greater power.

Scariness Factor: 2-In spite of having great destructive potential and intimidating designs, both monsters are utterly let down by some absolutely piss-poor CGI. Also, Yonggary seems to abhor the idea of killing when he's released from the evil aliens' control. He's an okay guy even after all those millions of years.

Trivia: -Rather frustratingly, entire suits were made for both monsters, owing to the traditions of Tokusatsu. But the filmmakers decided to use CGI instead, presumably to make their film look more modern (WHAT).

-This film may have been released in South Korea in 1999, but it would not receive an American release until 2001. And even then, all we got was an "upgraded" version with different plot points and a really bad English dub. It was also known as "Reptilian" here.

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The world wasn't ready for an unexpected remake like this!

You're not Godzilla. Knock it off.

"Honestly, we were bored. Good luck with the devastation."

"I'm an evolutionary mistake of alien nature."
He never found love, so his fustration goes to France.

And in this corner, utter chaos from a crab...thing.

Guess Cykor got impatient.

A rivalry that lasted for only half an hour or less.

When the snacks fight back.

"Now, I know how Gamera feels when Legion comes around!"
Yeah. Thanks to this poster, I expected quality.

Shining a light into the monster's eye? Not a bright idea.